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Gearblock Brewing Company will produce several styles of high quality ales, lagers, and stouts.  They will range from a pale ale and vienna lager designed to be an introduction to craft beer, to exciting and diverse assortments of experimental and trendy styles of traditional favorites.  Specialty beers, seasonal beers, sours and even fruit beers will also be produced.  Check out some of our award winning beers below. 

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Batch

We are a craft micro-brewery with tasting room that will offer fresh varieties of high quality hand crafted ales, lagers, stouts, sours, barrel aged beers and everything in between.  We'll be brewing unique small batch beers to be able to shift gears at any moment.  Our specialty beers will be torque infused that are imperial in nature and with only a few core beers available, we will offer rotating new and exciting beers on tap regularly.  Customers will be able to enjoy their beer in our tasting room or take home via crowlers.  The tasting room will incorporate a unique and inviting atmosphere with industrial charm which will complete the vision of great beer with great company.  


The inspiration for Gearblock Brewing Company started with the love of automobiles and specifically the components that create, harness, and transfer power to the wheels.  Gearblock is a play on words of the crucial components under the hood of a vehicle and harnesses the engines power and provide torque to the wheels, without these components the vehicle is powerless.  Gears which are housed in the Gearbox (aka Gearblock) have been around for centuries much like beer.  They both have evolved over time and have been perfected to what we see today, Gearblock Brewing Company will represent just that “brewing perfection”.  The Gearblock is a metaphor of this Brewery’s four walls which will house a complete balance of water, malt, hops, and yeast with the ability to evolve and shift gears in the marketplace. 


Our Story

The mission of Gearblock Brewing is to provide high quality beer to the local community.  Brewed in small batches and using only the finest ingredients we will provide our customers the freshest, most flavorful beer in an area that has otherwise been deprived of a high-quality drinking experience. “This is not your ordinary beer, let us prove it"

 Tony and Ronnie Owners of Gearblock Brewing


 Mark Head Brewer of Gearblock Brewing


Laura, Tripp and Madison Beer Tenders @ Gearblock Brewing


Meet The Team

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